Republican Candidates Debates

Did you watch the presidential candidates debates last night?  Were there winners and losers, or were they all winners, or were they all losers?  Did Donald Trump stand out as a self-confident leader…or as a self-centered ego-maniac? What about Rand Paul? Was he just trying too hard?  It would have been good if Dr. Carson had let us hear something about his experience as an executive leader rather than just his surgical skills. Chris Christie came across strong.  Jeb Bush seemed to be biding his time.

Does the age of the potential candidate make a difference?  Do we want someone going into office who is already seventy years old? It was great to see a few younger men stepping up to the challenge…Marco Rubio was impressive and so was Ted Cruz, and, definitely Scott Walker.

It’s going to be a long, long road just to get through the primaries next year, until we get actual candidates running for the presidency.  Who do you think will make it through all that? Who are you thinking of voting for at this time?  Or are you a Hilary fan??


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