Once Upon A Time

Do you watch the TV show, Once Upon A Time?  I have watched most of the episodes. I loved those classic stories and rhymes when I was a kid and apparently I still do.  It is interesting to see the characters on the program as it bounces back and forth from the old time to the current time with the characters living in the present.  Just for fun, I did some of my own tinkering with a few of the stories.  If you like them, let me know.  Here are a few samples.

Bathed, brushed, in a brand new frock

She went to the ball and watched the clock
Midnight came, she had to go
Back to the carriage, all aglow

Quick, down the steps, losing a shoe
A fragile glass slipper, the only clue
The word went out, the search must start
Find the girl, she had stolen his heart

A pampered princess with nary a chore
Found total leisure becoming a bore
She needed a purpose, something, she cried,
To fill my time, to give me some pride

 What can we do that won’t be a joke
That will be our joy Our future’s hope
We’ll follow a dream We’ll open a shop
The Villagers will all call us Mom & Pop

Goldilocks and Baby Bear
Goldi was just a little kid, lost, weary, alone

The cabin was warm, The porridge just right
And the bed felt just like her own

Someone had been sitting in his chair
His porridge was totally gone
Someone was sleeping in his bed
What in the world was going on

Now Little Girls and Baby Bears
Never share porridge or beds or chairs
Don’t let adventure lead us to roam
Quite so far from our comfortable home

Mrs. Hubbard’s Cupboard
The dog had no kibbles, not even a bone

The cupboard was totally bare
Nothing to sell and nowhere to borrow
What can you do for a better tomorrow

Crime does not pay, now that’s what they say
But what other choice did she have
Shoplifting, stealing, just once, she swore
Filling her pockets with kibbles and more

She needed a job, a paycheck, no joke
Never again to be quite so broke
Well, believe it or not she soon found her niche
Advising the rich on investing in kibbles and kennels

Red and the Wolf
The girl called Red was on her way

To grandmother’s house in the woods
The wolf was following then went on ahead
To swallow up grandma and climb in her bed

“What great big eyes you have,” said Red
“Not to mention those teeth and that smirk”
The wolf jumped up, Red ran out
The woodsman came and gave a shout

Grandma was saved, the wolf was slain
Red gave the woodsman a hug
Grandma served up an elegant spread
With champagne, three cheeses and bread


About Carolyn Leeper

Carolyn's memoir, "Borrowed Time: 75 Years & Counting" recounts events from her childhood with tributes to her family. She is looking forward to the years ahead. She is also the author of a children's alphabet book: "Come With Me From A to Z". "19 remarkable Northwest Women" profiles women who have found their passion.
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