Nostalgia Can Be Fun

What makes you nostalgic?  Do you enjoy looking back on your life, your childhood, young adulthood? What song brings back good memories? What is the first song you learned to sing as a little kid? Did you sing hymns in church and Sunday School? Are you a jazz fan or a country western fan or … ? Songs can lift our moods and give us a sense of peace when we’re troubled. Did you enjoy ballroom dancing, disco dancing, jitterbug, western swing? Do you get a chance to dance now? If not, why not?  Yes, let’s dance! I will if you will!


About Carolyn Leeper

Carolyn's memoir, "Borrowed Time: 75 Years & Counting" recounts events from her childhood with tributes to her family. She is looking forward to the years ahead. She is also the author of a children's alphabet book: "Come With Me From A to Z". "19 remarkable Northwest Women" profiles women who have found their passion.
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