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Have you started thinking about your vacation travel for next year?  There are so many wonderful places to go, it may be hard to choose. Do you like to stay close to home and just take a road trip around your state? When I was a teen, living in Alameda, California (San Francisco Bay Area), we would start with a drive to Bakersfield (300 miles) to visit my grandparents, staying there for a few days. Then we would head towards Las Vegas for a day or two, then north towards Reno and Lake Tahoe, then back through Sacramento and back to Alameda. This would be a two week trip. For just weekend trips, we might just drive north to Crescent City. At the beginning of deer hunting season, we would stay at the Clearlake resort, meeting up with my uncle’s hunting buddies.  He never actually shot a deer, but he enjoyed the hunt. Everybody, maybe a dozen or so families, would be there, eating dinner, dancing, having a good time. Of course I was sent to bed early, but I loved the hotel and the whole Clearlake area.

Other summer weekends we would drive to Sacramento on Friday afternoon, arriving in time for dinner with friends, then camp out Friday and Saturday nights on the American River.  The river bank wasn’t so much sandy as it was gravelly so we all wore tennis shoes even when we went into the water. My uncle loved the outdoors, sleeping in the open, getting up in the fresh morning air and starting breakfast on the camp stove.

A few years ago, my husband and I took a road trip from Seattle to Lake Louise, Edmonton, Banff, Kalispell, Montana, and back through Spokane and home. Lake Louise was always on my list of ‘must see’ places. I’m really glad we did that trip.  What I would like to do in the next few years is take riverboat cruises.  American Cruise Lines has announced that it is building four new riverboats for American river cruising.  You can see American up-close at a leisurely pace with many itineraries to choose from.  Hope to see you along the way.

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Carolyn's memoir, "Borrowed Time: 75 Years & Counting" recounts events from her childhood with tributes to her family. She is looking forward to the years ahead. She is also the author of a children's alphabet book: "Come With Me From A to Z". "19 remarkable Northwest Women" profiles women who have found their passion.
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