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Have you been on a cruise lately? Or have you NEVER been on a cruise? If you haven’t discovered the joys of cruise vacations, let me give you a few points to think about. First, there are cruises to just about everywhere you would like to go. Right here in the US, with River Cruises, you can travel up and down the Mississippi or explore the Northwest on the Columbia River. From Seattle or Vancouver, BC, you can travel one-way or roundtrip to Alaska, on luxury cruise ships. In fact, the cruise lines have what they call ‘repositioning’ cruises, offering one, two, three, and four night cruises. From Bellingham, you can go to Alaska on a quiet ferry boat. On the ferry, you can book a cabin or you can ‘camp out’ on the deck, with a small tent and sleeping bags. The very low rates on the ferry boat do not include meals, though.

The great cruise ships do include just about everything you can imagine: meals morning, noon, and night, plus midnight snacks. You can even request room service if you like. There will be a variety of leisure activities, from dancing to shuffle board to Broadway shows. Some ships are more formal than others, so be sure you take the proper clothing. Then you have the shore excursions which you can plan for in advance. If you’re not familiar with the East Coast, consider a cruise from New England to Florida.

Did you know there are cruises from Seattle to Hawaii? Imagine how relaxing the cruise across Pacific can be…no ports, no shore excursions, just complete leisure.  How about a three or four or seven day cruise from California to Mexico?

These are just a few of the cruising options. Check the cruise line websites: Holland America, Carnival, Celebrity, etc. Talk to your friends. Talk to your travel agent. I love cruising!

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